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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: The Nick Johnston Band- Public Display Of Infection (2011)

Band: The Nick Johnston Band
Release: Public Display Of Infection
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Independently Released

1. The Uncomfortable Relationship Of Gawker And Gawkee
2. Blackeye
3. Public Display Of Infection
4. Bulletproof
5. Wander (Feat. Zack Ordway)
6. Night Of The Living Dance
7. Devil's Dancing Shoes
8. Blue Blood
9. Moon Waltz
10. Drive It Like It's Stolen

Review: 8.3/10

Sometimes, I really need a change of pace. All of this metal and –core music has my ears ringing of breakdowns and blast beats. Luckily, Zack Ordway forwarded this guy to me by the name of Nick Johnston and quickly sent out a copy of his brand new rock instrumental album Public Display Of Infection. It’s been a while since I heard some good rock music, and this filled that void for me.

The first track that caught my attention was “Blackeye.” Starting out with steady light drumming (drums on this whole record brought to you by Travis Orbin, Of Legends and ex-Periphery), the guitars soon kick in and provide a catchy electric guitar noodling coupled with acoustic rhythm guitar. If there would be one track on this entire album to have added vocals, this would be the one. It’s full of guitar chords that could stand out to the test of time and have some possibility of becoming a rock radio hit.

It’s a damn shame that the vast majority of people who like instrumental rock tend to be around the 40 to 60 years old range, cause if more younger people my age were to get back into it, we could see a drastic change in the way music is made. The track “Public Display Of Infection” is a really laid back kind of track with some surf influence thrown in. There’s nothing too flashy here, and that keeps the charm of being a fun and simple rock track. Although by no means should you interpret that as guitars that aren’t worth checking out.

In a throwback to the 1980’s, “Bulletproof” helps bring that vibe. With the kind of fuzzy tone not too much unlike ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” Nick gives the listener yet another track to be remembered by those who actually hear it. He keeps a steady melody along with rocking drums that also incorporate that era’s drumming as well. “Wander” is yet another switch of musical virtuosity. The guitars on this one sound like a by-product of hours of experimentation to recorded acoustic rhythm guitar and drums. This one starts off awesome, and only gets better when Zack Ordway provides a bad-ass guest solo.

Soon to be a Halloween dance staple: “Night Of The Living Dance.” It’s a great song to open that FUCKING PIT… of others who want to dance on the floor and have a good time.
For a more epic instrumental along the lines of Eric Johnson status, start with “Blue Blood.” It’s much like the song “Wander,” but with a more stadium rock feel to it.

If you are a fan of rock instrumentalists like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai and Jeff Beck, then this is for you. Full of catchy guitar riffs, Travis Orbin, and plenty of different musical influences that vary from track to track help keep this album as the only rock instrumental mainstay on my iPod for years to come. Add him on Facebook Here, where news of where to buy this excellent album will be coming soon.

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