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Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Born To Suffer- The Rambler (2012)

Band: Born To Suffer
Release: The Rambler
Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Label: Independently Released

1. Insolation
2. Dream Follower
3. Nuclear Heart
4. Sagittarius A
5. Dr. Manhattan
6. Arjuna (Feat. Alexej Pechkin)
7. Crusades
8. The Rambler
9. Airborne
10. Recurrence
11. Path

Review: 7.2/10
Starting off with a basic metalcore breakdown to electronic post-hardcore 2-step to a heavier deathcore-ish breakdown in the intro “Insolation,” Born To Suffer kick things off to a fast start with “Dream Follower.” It’s basically a cross between standard metalcore with a combo of deep singing and screaming with heavy post-hardcore influences. It’s a more upbeat track than most metalcore bands these days. Overall it’s very As I Lay Dying-ish.

Gang vocals are always nice, and “Nuclear Heart” kicks it off with some from the start. The singer comes in and it really feels as though he sings from the heart. I like how you can hear him putting himself into the song to give it more meaning. The music, however, isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. Not saying it’s bad at all, but that it’s nothing new. I actually feel that this track should be made into a video, no doubt –core kids will eat this right up.

They really fool the listener into thinking they’re playing a really aggressive track on “Crusades,” with a fast Trivium-esque opening, but it tones down right away when the singing/screaming combo comes in with more breakdowns. It melds together a bit of blast beats a couple times which is pretty cool. It repeatedly leaves off on a high note that almost always leads to yet another breakdown.

This whole album is very reflective of the 2006-2008 era of the metalcore/post-hardcore crossover scene. The one thing that sets this apart from all other releases is the singer’s tone and the way he projects his voice. The music isn’t really anything to write home about, but like stated before, it’s not bad. They use a good mixture of the two main –core genres with a occasional dose of electronics. 

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