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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Emulsified Flesh- The Art Of Suicide (2012)

Band: Emulsified Flesh
Release: The Art Of Suicide
Genre: Goregrind/Slam Metal/Brutal Death Metal
Label: Sevared Records
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmulsifiedFleshOfficial

1. Eternal Suicide
2. Abyss Of Cataclysm
3. Dead
4. Bereaved Mutilation
5. In Decay
6. Misanthropic Carnage
7. Consuming Vile Thoughts
8. Absolute Hate
9. The Art Of Suicide
10. Infected Cerebellum (Bonus Track)
11. Hack, Slaughter, Maim, Impale (Bonus Track)
12. Purgatory Suicide (Bonus Track)

Review: 8.5/10

After three very long years, Emulsified Flesh has finally unleashed the concept album The Art Of Suicide onto the world. When the last album Pathological Induced Gore was released, it was met with a positive acclaim, which led to three sold out pressings and distribution through three different labels. It was strictly goregrind, while rarely delving out of that realm of music. The Art Of Suicide is a whole different album, despite having three re-recorded tracks from Pathological Induced Gore. While this album was written right after Pathological Induced Gore in 2009, multiple problems with recording plagued the release of this album. Luckily, it finally sees the light of day.

Right away, you hear a clear difference between this album and everything else that’s been done in the past. Aside from the obvious production difference, the musicianship is also much better. As evidenced from the upscaled vocals and improved guitar slams in “Eternal Suicide.” The whole song just blends together without a single moment to breathe. Lots of different progression is heard throughout the song and only follows certain melodies for a short amount of time.

One can only imagine if real drums took over instead of a drum machine on the song “Abyss Of Cataclysm.” It starts off with an insanely rapid drum section that progresses to some more brutal guitar heavy slams that is sure to appease any slam metal enthusiast. One thing that really got my attention about this album was how each track blends into each other, much like how “Abyss Of Cataclysm” goes directly into “Dead,” which has some sludgy guitar riffs about halfway into the song before heading into another fast riff and drum fest.
One of the best songs on the album is “In Decay.” It is more lenient towards death metal more than anything, mostly shown through the guitars. The guitar riffs and double bass compliments each other, but as predicted, it soon transgresses into more slam metal. “Absolute Hate” also follows this similar formula by providing riffs, slams, and intense drums in a package of hate embodied in the flesh.

While this album clearly isn’t for anyone, anyone who is into goregrind and slam metal will enjoy this for sure. Hopefully this album can also cross over some death metal fans into slam territory as well. Also noteworthy to say that this album includes three re-recorded tracks from his previous album “Pathological Induced Gore.” They are much better quality and are sure to be regular spins on anyone’s iPod or CD player. 

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